Professional Frolicker

Hey there! I'm Fox Around Town. I create space for my inner child to run free and express herself. I am so pleased to now open up my frolicking spaces for you to join in and connect with your inner child. The frolicking adventures fall into three categories;

City Breaks - Short trips, typically 1-3 days in a city featuring a main event. The remainder of the trip is filled with exploration and curiosity as we frolic around supporting community businesses, restaurants, and taking in the essence of the city.

Nature Escapes - Physical activities that invoke a sense of wonder and adventure while connecting you to nature. These activities range from hiking, camping, kayaking, and more.

Playdates - Lighthearted meet-ups designed to activate our inner child and to care for ourselves on a simplistic level. They include picnics, paint & sip, roller skating and mindful practices like journaling, sound mediations, etc.

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